Realtor Referral Registration – Heritage Harbor Ottawa

Realtor Referral Registration

Real Estate Brokers and Sales Agents are not required to bring clients in on first time visit, but they must be registered before their first visit.  For fax or e-mail just follow these easy steps.


  1. Fax (815-431-1339) or email in the completed Broker/ Agent referral registration. A signed acknowledgement form will be sent back to you via e-mail or fax within three business days based on the method of which the registration was received.
  2. Schedule an introductory appointment with a Heritage Harbor Ottawa Associate
  3. The co-op commission will be paid at 2.5% on base home, garage and carriage home’s base selling price, less any discounts that may apply.
  4. Client registration is valid for 180 days after registration to be entitled for 2.5% commission.
  5. Upon a successful close and funding of the sales, the commission check will be sent to the designated Broker within three days after close from the title company.
  6. Please note that there are some customer exclusions that would be exempt from qualification to outside Broker/Agent referral commissions. If the client that you register is on this list of exclusions you will be notified within three days of receipt of the registration.

Broker Information

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