Builders Guild

Heritage Harbor partners with a small group of builders to assist in the advancement and development of the resort. The select builders form what is known as the Builders Guild.  The Builder’s Guild knows, understands and commits to the published guidelines for crafting homes at the Harbor. In return, these builders will have preferred status and the resort will offer several benefits to them for their handy and hard work in advancing Heritage Harbor as a resort. 


Heritage Harbor Homes

Our goal is to create suitable homes for our clients; homes to be enjoyed for years to come.
Call: 815.433.5000 or email


Cedar Key Developments

With over 15 years of experience in architecture and construction, Cedar Key creates superior homes with standards far above most builders. For more information call Kevin Donovan on  630.945.6630.


Join Our Builders Guild

From charming cottages to stately homes on the water, the architecture at Heritage Harbor is inspired by traditional neighborhood design and a love of the water. To find out more, please call 815.433.5000.