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Live the balanced, active, marina lifestyle you’ve always dreamed about. Find your unique place in our friendly community as you nestle yourself in the exquisite views and landscapes of Starved Rock Country.



is nothing but
a fresh start

Your best years are ahead of you. Later life offers us the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to express our creativity, live actively, and to be a part of a vibrant community of people who believe that life is for the living! The active adults at Heritage Harbor have embraced this altogether, and we’ve opened the way for you to come in and discover the magic of marina and country living in your golden years!

Later life is
for the living

Make life
an adventure

Stay young
at heart

In the heart
of Starved Rock


with neighbors

At the start of Summer my two little GRANDDAUGHTERS and I decided to grow a CUTTING GARDEN at my cottage; so they could help me water and take care of the garden when they visit. Who doesn’t love a few fresh flowers?

We got busy, planted 150 Zinnia’s in hopes that a few would grow. Never in my wildest dreams did I think ALL 150 plants would come up … more than 1,200 flowers!

I panicked. We couldn’t possibly keep all these.

My friend Gail showed me a pretty vase she made and I couldn’t get it out of my mind.

So I decided to make a ‘sharing garden,’ taking the idea of the jar and adding ‘feel good messages’.

I put out the vases with a sign so the neighborhood could SHARE OUR GARDEN … to take a jar, enjoy the flowers, and later return the jar to choose a new one.

I can’t tell you all of the lessons the girls have learned. We made 50 jars and at the end of summer got 50 jars back, along with cookies, candies and little thank you notes to the girls.

Truly a wonderful Godwink that will last a life time.

hho property 6


for active

Live the Harbor life from your architecturally designed, master-built waterfront cottage set in breathtaking Starved Rock Country.


Val and Rich

Val and Rich knew that they wanted to spend their retirement close to nature and water. “Being on or near water was a must,” said Rich. They had been boating for several years when they saw Heritage Harbor displayed at the Boat Show. Being impressed with what they saw, they began to explore a little further. They would proceed to come to Heritage Harbor several times to get to know the area and get a feel for the community. They have family in Chicago so they knew they wouldn’t end up going too far from Chicagoland. They also enjoyed spending time in the South during the winter months, so it was also important for them to purchase in an area where they didn’t have to worry about leaving for a couple months at a time.

After some good consideration, they purchased their condo at Heritage Harbor as a second home. Most recently, however, they have sold their home in Chicago and now reside permanently at Heritage Harbor.

Val says,” it’s kind of like having my cake and eating it too! I have tons of things to do when I feel the need, or I can stay in or near my condo and have total peace and quiet and enjoy nature right outside my window.”

She goes on to say that, “I have met such a nice variety of personalities, from long-time residents to others that are new to the area like ourselves. I find myself telling everyone about Heritage Harbor because I want to share how special it is. When my friends and family visit, they usually remark that they understand why we love it here.”

Dennis and Darcy

“We first discovered Heritage Harbor in the Fall of 2016 when we visited after reading an article about it in our local paper. We were already familiar with Starved Rock Country, and loved it, so we decided to come and check it out. While visiting, we met up with Tammy Barry at Red Dog Grill and proceeded to view some lots, some of the cottages at Herons Landing, and some of the homes on the west peninsula as well.

For the next eight months we stayed in a couple cottages and explored the area. We even got a boat ride from Tom Heimsoth, the owner and developer o of Heritage Harbor.

The people are warm and friendly, and we knew this was a special place that would be a significant part of our future.

To cut a long story short, we kind of fell in love with Heritage Harbor, and we liked the long term plans for the property. We had been looking around for over a year to make our next move, and after some careful consideration, we bought lot 64 on Windward Way, backing up to the cove.

We put our plans together and contracted to have our new home built at the beginning of June 2017, and we moved in just before Christmas. We are so excited for the real spring, summer and boating season to get here, and we are thrilled to see how our kids and grandkids love it here, too.”


I&M Canal Path

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Ottawa Mural Art Walk

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