About – Heritage Harbor Ottawa


Welcome to the
hidden gem of the Midwest

Our quaint yet world-class resort-on-the-water offers you and your loved ones a place to unwind, recharge and bask in the rejuvenating and vibrant landscape of Starved Rock Country. .

We call it the Harbor life. Not only because it’s a master-planned resort and settlement built around a world-class marina on the Illinois Waterway, but also because it’s a harbor of leisure, family tradition, rest and relaxation in a somewhat frenetic and pacey world.

What can fresh country air, captivating stories of Starved Rock pioneers and heroes, and Ottawa IL’s small-town charm do for the soul? Come to the hidden gem of the Midwest to find out. We have no doubt that you’ll return again, and again…and you will one day realize that you don’t want to leave.

Until then, you have a home away from home…at the harbor!

Until then, your home away from home is at the Harbor….

The Vision and History of Heritage Harbor Ottawa.

Tom Heimsoth was the driving force behind the development of Heritage Harbor. After a successful career as a software entrepreneur, he was seeking a new challenge. Tom had often enjoyed visiting many of the premier resort destinations found in the Midwest. Raising his family and living in the area his whole life, Tom recognized that Chicago area residents had a very limited selection of options for “getting away”.

Southwest Michigan, Wisconsin, and Galena were all becoming increasingly more inaccessible and congested. At the crossing of two rivers and less than 90 minutes from downtown Chicago, Tom saw a historic Illinois town located in an area with unparalleled natural beauty of Starved Rock Country and a community where life was a lot like it used to be.

He envisioned a place where families and friends could come together to make lasting memories. And he saw the magnificent waterfront parcel that would soon become the finest resort community in the Midwest.

Quality Of Life

Heritage Harbor is being developed in the traditions of America’s finest resort communities.

Here, quality of life is not measured just in amenities, but in the careful balance of private and public spaces, the integration of nature, and the focus on family and community. Heritage Harbor gives you more to do, and more time to spend with your family.

People embrace the richness of our area, outdoor recreational opportunities, access to natural resources, a sense of community they find lacking in bigger suburban or urban areas, and a nostalgic reverence for a less complicated way of life they remember from earlier in their lives. They are looking to engage, explore and expand their horizons. They are seeking a connection to something that seems familiar while yearning to explore new activities. Experiences that fit your passions are waiting for you.


Our guests can explore the very best that Starved Rock Country has to offer. Everything from boating, water skiing, jet skiing, kayaking, canoeing, and even white-water rafting to off-road ATV riding, hunting, fishing, hiking, horseback riding...even sky diving is available! Our resident's also enjoy taking part in some more relaxing activities like bird-watching, yoga, theater, concerts, volunteerism, swimming, and nature photography...these activities are all available in our area... it is a perfect balance between recreation and relaxation.

There is so much to do and it is all right here. You can go out on a new adventure every day...And after a full day you will return back to "base camp" to relax, rejuvenate, and relive your day's adventures.

Heritage Harbor Ottawa can be home port for your next great adventure!

It's more than year-round recreation, natural beauty and access to one of Illinois' best-kept secrets it's a place you'll want to call home.

Heritage Harbor Ottawa is the Midwest’s premier marina resort community. We are dedicated to building incredible homes for our owners, unforgettable adventures for our visitors, and memorable stays for our guests. We are a place to create memories of family and fun that will last generations.

Our community is engaged and alive with year-round events and activities, focused around wellbeing, unwinding, adventure, and family-togetherness.

Every facet of the resort is located within walking distance while the world waits along the edges. Heritage Harbor is a place you can enjoy for a meal, a weekend, or a lifetime.